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Sweet corn Harvest

On Farm Trial : 2009-2010

Decipline : Home Science

K. Lalmalsawmi SMS (Home Science)






Name of OFT : Locally prepared nutritious weaning food for infants (Rice food mixed)


Problem : (a) Malnutrition among children and infants.


Parameters: Body height and weight.



Under this five trial (infants) were selected among the farmers. In rural areas mortality rate is high compare to urban areas. These selected infants were supplied weaning food based on rice, moongdal, groundnut, sugar mixed. All the ingredients content high nutrition value and it supplied a nutritional requirement of infants.



From five trials three can be counted as success. Those three infants shows good growth rate compare to other infants those who are not taken rice food mixed weaning food and they are free from common illness during infancy period. Those lactating mother were interested to continue this weaning food for younger siblings.