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Sweet corn Harvest

On Farm Trial : 2011-2012

Decipline : Home Science

K. Lalmalsawmi SMS (Home Science)






Name of OFT : Nutritional Kitchen Garden


Problem : (a) Poor management of Kitchen garden.

                 (b) Lack of availability of a vegetables in local market.


Parameters: (a) Supply of nutrition / vegetables required of the family.

                    (b) Support of family income.



OFT on nutritional kitchen garden was conducted on selected farmer's field with supply of seeds and planting materials. The aim of this trial is to provide family deeds and support income. As it is kitchen garden, small cultivating areas is easy to maintained for farm women and they were highly impress to continue kitchen garden.
      Some nutritious vegetables that were not popular in this district eg. Lettuce, Broccoli, Beet root etc. also introduced to the farmers.