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Sweet corn Harvest

On Farm Trial : 2010-2011

Discipline : Horticulture

Vanlalhmuaka Ngente SMS (Horticulture)






Name of OFT : Scientific cultivation of  improved boccoli (Var. Aishwarya)


Problem : Lack of high yielding variety and lack scientific package of practice.



Parameters: (a) Survivality percent.

                    (b) Average weight of curd..

                 (c) Days taken to harvest.

                 (d) Yield. 




Science the variety Aishwarya out-performed the existing variety, the variety can be recommended for cultivation in various vagetable growing areas of Serchhip District. Trials were conducted at farmer's field with their active participation and were interested to continue the cultivation if seeds are made available. But there is a few problems that the attack of aphids and jassids were associated with the crops.