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Sweet corn Harvest

On Farm Trial : 2008-2009

Discipline : Horticulture

Pc. Lalrintluanga SMS (Horticulture)






Name of OFT : Varietal evaluation of Tomato (Var. Megha-1 & Megha-2)


Problem :  Low yield with local variety.



Parameters: (a) Survivility %.

                    (b) Average plant height.

                 (c)  Average size of fruit.

                 (d) Average weight of individual fruit. 

                      (e)  Average yield / plant.

                  (f) Yield / ha. 





Trials were conducted at farmer's field with their active participation. Since Megha-1 (337 qnt./ha.) and Megha-2 (321 qntl./ha.) out perform the local variety (263 qntl./ha.) these two varieties can be recommended for cultivation in vegetable growing area of Serchhip District. But there was a problem associated with pest and diseases especially fruit borer, blight and wilting.