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Sweet corn Harvest

On Farm Trial : 2009-2010

Discipline : Horticulture

Vanlalhmuaka Ngente SMS (Horticulture)






Name of OFT : High Density Cultivation of banana (Var. Giant Cavendish)

Remarks : ON GOING

Problem :  Low population and low yield/ha. of banana plantation.



Parameters: (a) Days taken to harvest.

                    (b) Number of fingers / bunch.

                 (c)  Number of suckers / hill.

                 (d) Yield / ha. 





Banana Var. Giant Cavendish were planted in KVK farm with a spacing of 2.5 mt. in triangular system of planting. By adopting triangular system of planting 16 % increased in plant population over square system of planting can be obtained. This high density population reduces weeds intensity and yield / ha. will be increased.