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Sweet corn Harvest

Frontline Demonstration (FLD)

Discipline : Horticulture


Name of SMS : Vanlalhmuaka Ngente

Topic :  Scientific cultivation of Brinjal (Var. RCMBL-2)

Three farmers were selected to adopt the scientific cultivation of Brinjal (Var. RCMBL-2) under the strict supervision of the Subject Matter Specialist of the North Vanlaiphai KVK. The Brinjal (RCMBL-2) Variety were acquired from ICAR Barapani which is a High Yielding Variety which were successfully demonstrated under the KVK farm North Vanlaiphai in the last year. The seedling were transplanted on 23.5.2011 start flowering on 25.7.2011, and the farmers harvested a kilos of brinjal till now. 








Name of SMS : Vanlalhmuaka Ngente

Topic :  Scientific Cultivation of hybrid cabbage (Var. Pragati Plus).  

The sellected farmers cultivated Cabbage (Var. Pragati Plus) after giving special training and stick supervision. An average weight of 233 qntl./ha. was obtain with 115 % increase in yield over existing variety.











Name of SMS : Vanlalhmuaka Ngente

Topic :  Cultivation of Vegetables under low cost green House

Three progressive farmers were selected and one unit of low cost green house were provided to each farmer for Frontline Demonstration. Under which a variety of off season vegetables were produced. As a result a number of green houses were constructed by the farmer in the next year.










Name of SMS : Vanlalhmuaka Ngente

Topic :  Cultivation of Potato Var. Kufri Jyoti under rainfed condition

As North Vanlaiphai is situated under Sub Tropical Hill Zone, some of the potato variety like Kufri Jyoti can be produced in kharif season. After successful trial in the KVK farm sellected farmer were adopted to cultivate the said potato variety. A handsome quantity of harvest were collected from the farmers.