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Sweet corn Harvest

Report on farm : 2010

Reporter : KT Rose Pawpi Programme Asst. (Farm Manager)


      Pig breeding centre was started with 2 piglets purchase from Vety department to replaced local breed by high quality breed ie Large White Yorkshire. There are 6 nos of mature female and one male. 16 piglets have sold to the villager at subsidized rate and 5 nos of newly born piglets will be distributed to NLUP beneficiaries.
      KVK has been rearing rabbits and a great no rabbit were given out to farmers free of cost. Now there are 13 Nos of rabbit at the farm.






      These two varieties are cultivated in KVK complex (RCM75 : Dated. 22. June, BA61-A : Dated. 5. July), 1 acre of in structural farm is under maize, harvested in October, and it was found that their growth are good enough.


      Sweet corn is a new crop for Serchhip district but KVK has grown this crop for two consecutive years at its farm. This year, 2011 sweet corn is inter crop with cow pea which is found very succesful.