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Sweet corn Harvest

Report on farm : 2011

Reporter : Lalnunzawma Programme Asst. (Farm Manager)


      In the year 2008 planting material of Kiwi was imported and planted at KVK, North Vanlaiphai which has an ideal climate and topography. Pandal and and fencing type of support were given and this year ie. 2011 they started bearing fruits.



      Pineapple (VarVariety : kew) was planted at KVK complex in May 2009. It covers 1.8 acre. Plastic mulching was done at the time of planting to prevent weeds infestation, to conserve moisture and to keep the soil temperature.


      Seeds and Seedlings were distributed to the farmer free of cost as under.
      1. Cabbage (Ryozeki)              12,500 nos
      2. Cabbage
(Indam 1299)        950 nos
      3. Cauliflower
(Sobha 185)      2500 nos
      4. Brinjal (RCMBL-2)              1580 nos