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Sweet corn Harvest

Success Report : Popularization of SRI

Reporter : C. Rualthankhuma SMS (Agronomy)

Discipline : Agronomy




KVK North Vanlaiphai plays an important role for popularization of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) within Serchhip District . Trainings on SRI had been conducted many times in On and Off campus and demonstrations on SRI were conducted at several places within the district.








Those farmers who attended the trainings conducted by KVK adopted this method of rice cultivation and practiced at their own field. The increase in production obtained by these farmers encourages other farmers who had seen or learnt of the success stories. Almost all the farmers of North Vanlaiphai areas now taken up SRI.









The increase in productivity of their farms and rice production are nearly three folds than traditional method. The average yield now is 3.5 tons / ha which is above the average of all india rice production.