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Sweet corn Harvest

Success Report : Cabbage

Reporter : Lalnunpuii Parte Programme Coordinator


KVK has adopted Bungtlang village which is situated 68 kms from North Vanlaiphai. The major occupation of this village is farming and most of the farmers have WRC land. KVK introduced cultivation of rabi crops which was never practiced before.











During the month of November 2009 training on  cultivation cole crops was given to the selected farmers. These selected farmers were given vegetable seeds mainly cabbage, brocolli and peas. Community nursery was prepared to raised these crops and seedlings were distributed to the farmers. Each farmer planted more than 10,000 seedling, few of them planted up to 1,00,000 of seedlings. KVK North Vanlaiphai supervised all the major activities like preparation of nursery, sowing of seeds, field preparation, application of manure and fertilizer etc.








Due to the vigilance of KVK staff farmers had bumper harvest and their annual income increase enormously. The success story of this village was documented and telecasted by Doordarshan Aizawl Kendra. Today almost all the farmers of this village practice double cropping and become the main source of vegetables to district capital, Serchhip and even state capital Aizawl.