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Success report : Strawberry Cultivation

Reporter : Vanlalhmuaka Ngente SMS (Horticulture)

Discipline : Horticulture


Strawberry plantlets (tissue cultured) were supplied to KVK, Serchhip District by Department of Biotechnology, Mizoram University to conduct adaptive trials of Strawberry. These are successfully  cultivated in the Demonstration farm of the KVK. 280 kgs of Strawberry fruits were harvested from an area of 480 sq.m during January - June, 2011 which were sold at Rs. 150/kg at local market. Villagers of North Vanlaiphai show interest in cultivation of strawberry, 3 farmers were selected and provided planting materials of strawberry which are growing succesfully.

In the Demonstration farm, Strawberry were planted under two types of Mulching materials ie. Polyfilm mulch & Straw mulch. Result were observed under these two types of mulching.


Under poly mulch, the growth of fruit and harvest was much better and faster compared to straw mulched. The reason was believed that under poly mulched the moisture was conserved better and soil temperature was much higher than the straw mulch. These make the harvest faster and better.