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Sweet corn Harvest

Training On Campus Dated 13 .5 . 2011

      This training covers five subject for interested farmers, 45 trainees were taught by the subject matter specialist.

Discipline : Agronomy

C. Rualthankhuma SMS (Agronomy.)

Topic : SRI

New method of rice cultivation System of Rice Intensification (SRI) can increase rice production in the same area. Farmers were taught about this new method of cultivation by using a pictorial (PowerPoint) presentation very clearly. The problem that can arises during cultivation are also discussed. This new method of rice cultivation is not popular before KVK training in Serchhip district, in this training SRI method of cultivation was introduced to the farmers.
     Farmers are also interested after knowing the new technique of rice cultivation. As this subject contrast to their old fashion of rice cultivation, everything cannot be cleared rapidly, but all the trainees wants to start this new system from the next cultivation period.

Discipline : Horticulture

Vanlalhmuaka Ngente (Horticulture.)

Topic : Care and Management of young orchard

Even though North Vanlaiphai is situated on the sub tropical hill zone, their jhum land lies on the lower elevation areas, there they have a hectares of mandarin oranges. Most of the farmers were ignorant about the Scientific management of orchard pest and disease control technique of the crop. The farmers are trained to acquire the scientific management of orchard in this training.


Discipline : Agri. Extension

Vanlalruali (Agri. Extension.)

Topic : Group Dynamic

It is found that the production and productivity of paddy is very high and are popular for their good quality of paddy production. But the waste i.e paddy straws are not utilized except few amounts are utilized for animal feed. Paddy straws are wasted.


The rural youths are mostly engaged in Field Work. So there is lots of unemployment among rural youths. So to generate self employment and income generation among rural youths and farm women and for better utilization of paddy straw training was conducted on mushroom production and Group Dynamic.

Discipline : Animal Science (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
Dr. Animesh Deka (Animal Science)

Topic : Under Construction

Waiting Data from SMS Dr. Animesh Deka (Animal Science). 

Discipline : Home Science

K. Lalmalsawmi (Home Science.)

Topic : Family Budget planning

Family budget planning is very important to have progressive family and to achieve family goals. In rural areas, most of the families do not have family goals or family plan. As their income is very low they do not think about their future, they live only for today, keeping this in mind training on family budget planning was conducted.
     In this training, trainees learned how to calculate family income and expenditure, weekly budget planning, monthly and year wise. Importance of savings and how to keep savings. Planning family goal and how to achieve family goal