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Sweet corn Harvest

On Campus training : KVK Complex 15.7.2011


In this training, the total number of 50 trainees are coming, the trainees are grouped into their interest discipline like Agronomy, Horticulture, Agri Extension, Animal Science and Home Science. Each group were given training by the concerned subject matter Specialist.


C. Rualthankhuma SMS (Agronomy.)

Topic : SRI (New method of rice cultivation)

New method of rice cultivation System of Rice Intensification (SRI) can increase rice production in the same area. Farmers were taught about this new method of cultivation by using a pictorial (PowerPoint) presentation. The problems that can arise during cultivation were discussed. This new method of rice cultivation is not popular before KVK training in Serchhip district, in this training SRI method of cultivation was introduced to the farmers.



Vanlalhmuaka Ngente SMS (Horticulture)

Topic : Off Season Vegetable production

There is always high demand of Vegetable in Serchhip district especially off season vegetables. In order to meet the demand we have to utilise the cultivable land for production off season vegetable. North Vanlaiphai is situated on the hill slope of Hrangturzo having an elevation of 1370 mts. with sub tropical hill climate. So production of summer cabbage and other cole crops may be possible, interested farmers were gather from the village and taught them how to produce summer cabbage in this training. A number of cabbage seedling (var. Ryozeki, Indam-1299, improve Bahar) were distributed to the farmers.




Agri Extension

Vanlalruali SMS (Agri. Extension.)

Topic : Mushroom Cultivation

Most of the families depend on jhuming and rural youth are engaged in farming. They are cultivating paddy as well as sugarcane, production is found very successful in the District. They are popular for the production of ‘Gur’ which is very helpful to generate income of the farmers.
   It was found that SHGs were already formed among rural youth and farm women but some of the SHGs were inactive. So, training was conducted on mushroom cultivation to generate their income and better utilization of farm waste i.e sugarcane husk, paddy straw.







Dr. animesk Deka SMS (Animal Science.)

Topic : Under Construction

Waiting Data from SMS Dr.


Home Science

K. Lalmalsawmi SMS (Home Science.)

Topic : Preservation of Vegetables

Preservation of Vegetables is very important to reduced spoilage of farm produces in rural areas as their are always surplus production of vegetables in peak season but villager are ignorant of how to preserve their vegetables.
     The training included how to preserve vegetables for long term use. Diferent types of preservation of vegetables and fruits were taught. Squash making and pickling also included in this training.