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Sweet corn Harvest

On Campu Training : KVK Complex 16 - 20.8.2011

       This training was the first batch of training organised in KVK North Vanlaiphai farmer Hostel, financed by ATMA (Serchhip District) and 36 trainees attended for five days. Fooding and lodging were provided during training period.

Discipline : Agronomy.

C. Rualthankhuma SMS (Agronomy.)

Topic : System of Rice Intensification (SRI)


New method of rice cultivation System of Rice Intensification (SRI) can increase rice production in the same area. Farmers were taught about this new method of cultivation by using a pictorial (PowerPoint) presentation very clearly. The problem that can arises during cultivation are also discussed. This new method of rice cultivation is not popular before KVK training in Serchhip district, in this training SRI method of cultivation was introduced to the farmers.
     Farmers are also interested after knowing the new technique of rice cultivation. As this subject contrast to their old fashion of rice cultivation, everything cannot be cleared rapidly, but all the trainees wants to start this new system from the next cultivation period.

Discipline : Horticulture.

Vanlalhmuaka Ngente SMS (Horti.)  

During this training trainees from different villages were taught about the following topics:
a) Training and pruning of mandarin orange.
b) Care and management of young plant.
c) High density planting of Pineapple.
d) High density planting of banana.
e) Production of vegetables.
f) Nursery raising.
g) Pest and disease management of fruit crops.
h) Pest and disease management of vegetable crops.  

Discipline : Agi. Extension.

Vanlalruali SMS (Agri. Extension.)

Topic : Mushroom Production as a small scale income genarating enterprises

To generate self employment and income generation among rural youth and farmers for better utilization of paddy straw training was conducted on mushroom production.

Discipline : Animal Science. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Dr. Animesh Deka SMS (Animal Science.)

Topic : Under Construction.


Data needed from Dr. Animesh Deka SMS (Animal Science).


Discipline : Home Science.

K. Lalmalsawmi SMS (Home Science.)

Topic : Nutritional requirement

On this training trainees were taught about nutritional requirement of pregnant women and children below 5 years. They also learn about how to fulfill their family nutritional requirement with locally available nutritious food (eg. Leafy vegetables and root and tubers etc.) which can provides their basic needs with low cost.
    In village areas malnutrition is the main problem among pregnant women and infants. So, they will overcome those problem if  they were aware with how to use locally available nutritious vegetables to meet their nutritional requirement.