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Training On Campus : Dated 3-12 .11. 2008


Discipline : Fisheries

Topic : Fisheries


Training on fish farming. Intensive Aquaculture in ponds & tank was conducted for 10 days at Training Hall, KVK N. Vanlaiphai to educate fish farmers for increasing fish production.

        It was learnt that there is a sufficient potential area for expansion of fish farming to make the state self sufficient in fish and marketing of the product can be done profitably with Cold Storage Godown. He revealed that 50% of fish available at local market comes from Andhra Pradesh. Fish farmers revealed that fish farming can be regular income generation in the State while considering the quantum of fish imported from outside.

Farmers have shown their keen interest on this topic and hope that modern equipment/materials for this may be provided by Govt./Agency free of cost/on subsidy to the progressive farmers.



Integrated fish farming with other component like Agriculture, Livestock was covered for another two days. It was learnt that additional income can be generated by adopting paddy cum fish culture, Pig cum fish without extra investment. Another important topic managemssent discussed was also taught to the trainee. It seems that farmers never gave attention to make the fish healthy for faster growth. Farmers learnt how to do preventive measure for outbreak of diseases and its management.


The last day was spent for discussion and evaluation of the training programme. Farmers were ask to clear their doubts and also share their experience and to express of whatever they gained during the training programme. The training was concluded with short speech delivered by Programme Coordinator and requested the trainees to keep in touch with KVK, not to hesitate to bring their problems to the centre.