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Staff (Driver) Transfer

Sweet corn Harvest

On Campus training :   12. 11 .2008

First day


Rescource persons : engineers from RTS Enterprise

Topic : Traning on Machinery (Maintenance of Tractor and Power Tiller)


The Training on Farm Machinery was conducted at KVK Complex.

 The training was chaired by Pi R. Lalramhluni, Programme Coordinator, KVK N. Vanlaiphai and was attended by about 30 farmers from N. Vanlaiphai and from nearby villages. The resource persons were two engineers from RTS Enterprise, Aizawl, distributor and dealer of tractors and power tiller in Mizoram. The engineers demonstrated the proper way of maintaining tractors and power tiller and how to achieved the best result using them. The engineers also answered various questions from the farmers regarding tractor and power tiller and how to solve various difficulties faced by the owner. The farmers greatly benefitted from this training and requested the KVK to organised more training for them.